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Morphy Richards

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday with yoga - cobra position

If weight loss is your problem, yoga can be the simple answer to losing weight if doing it in a healthy way. I would like to show you some yoga position I am doing during my classess.
My yoga position of the day is the cobra pose. It is also called the Bhujangasana. 
The cobra pose owes its name to the fact that you need to lift your body like a snake's head in this yoga position. While doing the cobra pose, your body resembles a hooded snake that is ready to strike.

Steps To Do The Cobra Pose: 
1. Lie flat on your stomach and rest your head on your folded arms. 
2. Your feet must be kept together, upturned and flat. 
3. Look upwards with your forehead facing in the front. 
4. Bring your arms to your sides so that you can support your body weight. 
5. Lift your upper body while supporting your weight on your arms. Your body must be up from your waist going forward. 
 6. Arch your back as much as you can and push your head backwards while you continue to look in front. 
This yoga position helps relieve stress as it forces  to breathe deeply. It is a great yoga pose for kids because it helps to expand  chest. The more you use your lungs, the better it functions.  The cobra pose strengthens a lower back. It helps get rid of lower back and neck pain. This yoga pose also strengthens  arms.  It is a great yoga pose for women. This is because it helps regularise  menstrual cycle.  The most obvious benefit of cobra pose is that it aids weight loss. This is one of the best ways to lose belly fat. 
Do try it. How it helped you?